We're proud of our many graduates who have become dedicated professionals, helping people achieve the American Dream of property ownership.

"Just want to let you know I took my exam yesterday and PASSED!!!  I really can’t believe it!  I walked out and said to the proctor I will probably see you next week and she said no you passed…
You gave me the strength and motivation to really take my time and think about each question, I even took the time to draw the little people and crossed each one out as I went from question to question…lol…my scrap paper never looked like it did yesterday but maybe that was what did it!!!
Thanks so much…you are a huge asset to the Academy and I am referring ‘everyone’ who is interested in a real estate career to ‘you’.  - Dawn Y.


Whether I pass or not the first time around, I just want to say you are a great teacher.  It was a pleasure to be in your class even with deeds, titles, & mortgages. - Jo-Ann
Thanks to Linda, a great teacher! - Diane R.
Silky, you are the best real estate instructor I have had in my career. - John V.
Thank you so much! I couldn't do it without you! - Joy B.