You scored a lead, followed up on it, and you have a client ready to purchase a home with you guiding them. Make it easy for your clients to trust you by professionally and efficiently showing them properties that fit the criteria of what they’re looking for, and you’ll have no problem closing deals.

Research, Research, Research

You might be excited to get out and show properties to your client, but by far the single most important part of this process is the work you put into it beforehand. Listen to your clients’ needs and find properties that are compatible with them. Being in touch with your market helps, especially in high-demand areas where houses are being bought at higher rates than normal. Follow up with listing agents to make sure properties you’re scheduled to show are still on the market–there’s nothing less professional than showing up to a property with a client and finding out that it’s already sold.

Know How To Get There

Especially for real estate agents that are driving with their clients to go to a property, know the routes to get there like the back of your hand. Look it up on Google Maps, or If you have to, drive the route the day before to familiarize yourself with it. Knowing the route makes you look like the area specialist that you are, and instills confidence in your client that you’re the right agent for them.

Make A Buyer Information Packet

Being prepared with materials for your client makes the type of lasting impression on them that keeps them coming back for their next house or convinces them to refer you to their friends and family. The packet should include a list of all the properties they’re visiting that day and all the pertinent information about them, including asking price, bedrooms, bathrooms, square feet, and anything else you feel your client cares about. Bring a pen for them to take notes on each listing.

Don’t Be A Salesperson

Now is not the time to convince clients that each house they walk into is the right one for them–your job is to be a consultant and to provide advice or your honest opinion when asked. The house will speak for itself, and buyers know when a house is right for them. As long as you’ve provided them with properties that fit their criteria, you’ve already held up your end of the bargain.

Review Session With Your Clients

real estate agent with clients

After your clients have seen all the properties you provided them, it’s essential to sit down with them and review them all. Go over any questions they may have thought of after leaving the property, and if they are ready to call a property home, there is no reason to hesitate–put an offer in as soon as you can.

If they weren’t in love with any of the properties, that’s ok too. Sometimes buyers need a second tour of a home to be convinced, and sometimes you just need to fine-tune what it is they’re looking for so you can give them another list of properties to look at.

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