This academy is top notch! Mike “Silky Silkowitz” and Barbara, the owners, run a smooth operation with their lead instructor Linda Purcell, who is by far one of the most inspirational, unique, and informative teachers that is incredibly knowledgeable and relatable. She made learning fun while having to ingest and digest such raw and monotonous material. I would highly recommend The Academy for Real Estate Careers to anyone even thinking about getting into real estate or trying to rent or own a piece of property. The information is so crucial and made simple to understand with Linda and the team!

Jason Miller

I am happy that I have had the opportunity to deal with your school and your approach to our needs. Thank you for the help with  acquiring the initial 12 credits. I must say that being in Mr. Silky’s company was a delight for the  remaining 12, he took some very dry material and made you want to pay  attention. Going forward, should you be offering any additional classes in  residential or commercial please keep me in the loop. Confidentially,  I appreciate the added knowledge since my training is somewhat  suspect. Please share with Mr. Silky and many thanks for your approach.

 Robert T


I have passed my real estate broker state exam.   Thank you so much for such an effective, online, real estate broker course, this has been an amazing online course experience for me.  Discussions were one of the best parts of this course, it helped me understand the thoughts of my fellow classmates on the insightful topic discussions in real estate.  A professor like you needs to be recognized for al the hard work that you do to help your students succeed in their real estate goals.  Thank  you again!

Sincerely, Alfredo A

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