Branding yourself as a real estate agent is a tall task, especially in an industry where seemingly everyone already has their place in the market carved out and you’re just a small fish in a big pond.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. By taking a few steps to ensure you create an identity for yourself as an agent, you can quickly start to be seen as an expert in a particular area by clients in your target market!

Find Your Niche

Especially when you start out your career, try to create a niche for yourself. It allows you to become an expert in one area, and while you can always venture outside of that niche if business comes to you, you always have something to fall back on when you’re finding it tough to come across leads.

You can choose to brand yourself as the expert on a local neighborhood, a specific type of housing, a type of buyer, or type of sale. There’s plenty of directions to take here, so choose one that interests you most and run with it!

Be Prepared To Invest In Marketing

We’ve already covered the importance of social media marketing in gathering leads, but depending on how competitive your market is, you might need to shell out some money on things like a unique website or Google Ads. If you have a website that looks different with a creative layout and bold colors, it’s much more likely to convert leads into sales.

It can be difficult to commit to spending what you need to spend in marketing to be competitive, but if you have the means to do so, it’s a necessary expense. Hire someone who knows what they’re doing with your website and watch the leads take off!

Be Consistent Across All Channels

Stay diligent in your marketing efforts by keeping your tone, brand, colors, messages–everything–consistent across all channels you’re using. A user who likes what you have to say on Instagram and clicks over to your website might be confused if the colors don’t match or the marketing messages you’re putting out are different and cause you to lose a sale. If you have a brand that you believe in, keeping it consistent is the most important thing you could do in order to ensure potential clients in your target market know who you are and know what to expect when they go with you.

If you’re struggling to take off as a first-time real estate agent, take a step back and make sure your branding is on point!

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