Despite what you may have heard, the NJ Real Estate Exam is more intimidating than difficult–in fact, it has a pass rate of approximately 70%, which means only 3 out of 10 people who take it will fail. On the first try, it still has a pass rate of roughly 60%. If you pay attention in Academy for Real Estate’s pre-licensing classes and study the right way, you’ll be more than prepared to pass on your first try!

Our real estate school gives students the opportunity to take a preparation exam at the end of their 75 hours of licensing courses to ensure they’ve retained all the necessary information they need to pass the state exam. Upon the successful completion of the real estate exam, students receive an email with instructions on how to proceed on acquiring the license. If you are one of the few that need to retake it, you’ll receive a comprehensive report detailing which areas of the test were weak. For no charge, Academy for Real Estate encourages students to return to class in order to brush up on those areas and may retake the test after 48 hours.

What Is Covered in the NJ Real Estate Exam?

The 110 questions on the NJ real estate exam covers everything you learned in your NJ licensing classes, so if you’re prepared for the exam with the materials you were given, there won’t be any surprises. It is offered Monday through Saturday at 10 locations throughout the state of New Jersey, or it’s available online. The following categories are on the exam:

  • Property Ownership
  • Land use controls and regulations
  • Valuation and market analysis
  • Financing
  • General principles of agency
  • Property condition and disclosures
  • Contracts
  • Transfer of title
  • Real estate calculations
  • Practice of real estate
    1. Specialty areas
    2. Duties and Powers of the Real Estate Commission
    3. Licensing Requirements
    4. Statutes and Rules Governing Licensee Activities
    5. Additional Requirements

Need to prepare? We’ll help you cram for the exam with the best instructors in the business to ensure you pass the next time you take it!

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