Congratulations–you passed the NJ state exam! What’s next?

It can be a whirlwind as you look to officially begin your real estate career, and the first step is picking the perfect broker to work under. Each one has its benefits and disadvantages, and it’ll all come down to your personal preference. Here’s a step-by-step guide to choosing the right real estate broker for you.

What Kind Of Culture Exists There?

Like any set of companies within an industry, brokerages will have different workplace cultures. Whether you rely on a team-oriented culture where you have a large support system, or you prefer to fend for yourself, you can find both extremes and something in between all over New Jersey. Talk to current agents or attend company events to get a feel for the environment at each different brokerage!

How Big Is The Brokerage You Want To Work For?

Brokerages come in all shapes and sizes. The bigger franchises tend to have more stringent guidelines and practices that they want all their agents to follow, but have the resources to offer more support and training, should you need it. If you feel confident in your abilities as a real estate agent, you might opt for an independent local firm that’s been serving its community for decades, where you’ll have more freedom to operate independently the way you want to.

What Does The Brokerage Specialize In?

Sometimes, real estate brokers have niches that they’ve settled into, whether it be strictly high-value properties, higher quantity of low-income properties, residential, or commercial. This will be a product of the area you’re looking in, and you should explore opportunities in as many areas as you can to give yourself different options.

There might be more to picking your first real estate broker than you thought. Come prepared for interviews with questions about each of the above topics and anything else that’s important to you, and you’ll end up in the perfect spot to begin your real estate career! Of course, if you’re a graduate of Academy of Real Estate, you can text or call us anytime you want for advice on how to pick your first broker!

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