Get Involved In Your Community

The relationships you form could very well turn into money down the road, so being as involved as possible in your community is always a good thing. Volunteer with local organizations, attend town hall meetings, and make appearances at community events to show face and shake some hands. Always wear a name tag and keep a magnetic sign on your car with your photo to build recognition for yourself–you never know where your next big referral could come from!

Keep Up With Your Relationships

The bonds that you form with people should be more than a one-way street. They’ll catch on quickly if you’re only reaching out to try to make money. Find out when their birthdays and anniversaries are and send personalized cards, keep up with them on social media, send emails just to check on how they’re doing, or remember their pets by their names and ask about them! It’s menial work, but it’s not difficult, and these small gestures can pay off in a big way down the road.

Develop A Personality

Your personality is your brand. You can’t hide behind branding strategies that many companies use, because you are your company. You need to be enthusiastic (but genuine!) and personal to your followers on social media and let everyone in. If you have hobbies, share them. If you have important life updates, let people know. Customers like to see that they’re dealing with a real person, not a faceless entity that just exists to take money off the top of your home sale.

Remember: you are on your own, so make your business your own! The beauty of real estate is that you get to express yourself how you want to be seen and form great relationships with community members. Your clients don’t care what you know–they want to know that you care. Take advantage of that and watch your sales soar!

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