Becoming a real estate agent in New Jersey can be a fast-paced, independent, and fulfilling career when the salesperson is dedicated to their craft. The key word there is independent–while you’re technically under the supervision of a broker, everything that you do is up to you and expected to be done without the assistance of anyone. That includes servicing customers, prospecting for business, listing, handling the advertising of your listings, social media, receiving and reviewing Offer to Purchase contracts, and hundreds of other small everyday responsibilities that make up a successful real estate agent. From pre-listing to closing, you’re on your own–and that can be exciting!

How Many Hours Does An NJ Real Estate Agent Work?

Real estate isn’t a traditional industry to work in, so there is no standard answer for that question. However, if you truly want to turn real estate into a career, you’ll need to work harder than ever, especially starting out. We’ve seen agents work as little as 3 hours per week, but to put time in that will create results, agents work as many as 60 hours per week. Different brokers will require different things from their agents, and hours can be negotiated at the signing of your contract. Some salespeople never set foot in the office, and some are in the office every day. It all depends on how your broker prefers to work with their agents.

How Much Does A Real Estate Agent Get Paid?

If you’re looking for a steady salary, real estate might not be for you. While it is technically legal to be a salaried real estate agent in New Jersey, you will very rarely find a broker willing to do so. Everyone’s compensation will be different, but it will almost always be a portion of the commission rate that the brokerage receives for each sale, minus any potential fees that a broker charges. No matter what that split is, it’s explicitly stated in a contract that must be active when you renew your license every two years.

Real estate is a rewarding industry when the hours are put in and the work is done right. Get started with one of our NJ real estate licensing classes!

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