Real estate is a unique industry in that there is no one to hold your hand once you’ve passed your test and become a licensed agent, and being thrown right into the fire can lead to discouraged new agents already wondering if they’ve chosen the right career.

Academy For Real Estate is offering a training class to new licensees to go over the basics of the job that aren’t required to be taught to you by the NJREC. Things like marketing yourself, forming relationships, how to work with buyers, and a number of other topics that no one bothered to teach you will be covered to set you up for success.

Why Do I Need Real Estate Training?

The NJREC requires licensees to have successfully completed 75 hours of courses at an approved real estate school, but none of those 75 hours covers how to actually succeed in the industry you’re looking to join. While you’ll be an expert on things like Fair Housing and ethics, no one is quite ready to immediately jump into action the second they get their license without trial and error.

At Academy for Real Estate, we’re looking to eliminate that trial and error. We have a staff with over 100 years of combined experience in real estate that can guide you through the difficult first few months of having your real estate license.

Many brokers offer training programs, but most of them either don’t cover the topics you have questions about, are offered at inconvenient times, or simply aren’t enough personal interaction with experienced professionals. We’ll cover many things that aren’t already covered in the pre licensure courses, such as:

  • How to fill out a contract
  • What happens at a closing
  • How to get a listing
  • When to ask for business (and when not to)
  • Listing and buyer kits
  • Prospecting
  • Sales tactics
  • Basic real estate terminology

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