Getting seen on social media is harder than ever, but it’s crucial to networking and getting leads in today’s real estate landscape. If you aren’t on social media, you might as well not exist, and if you’re boring on social media, chances are there’s someone in your area with more exciting content who’s more likely to get that lead.

“Just Sold” Posts Are Great, But…

If you’re only posting “just sold” houses and “just listed” houses, stop for a minute and ask yourself if you would be likely to engage with that type of post as a user. If it doesn’t add value to someone’s scrolling experience and it isn’t inherently interesting, why would you post it?

Alternatively, try telling a story with each listing you post, or post all of your activity during the last few weeks in a monthly wrap up post at the end of each month. There’s plenty that happens during the process of selling a house, and as real estate agents, we get to experience something new nearly every time we sell one. Tell that story, and describe any obstacles you overcame that make you a rockstar of an agent!

Show Your Personal Side

As we’ve covered before, real estate is just as much about developing personal connections as it is being knowledgeable about the industry. If all you do is put out real estate content, you start to look more like a business and less like a human to your followers. Post a picture of you doing something you enjoy every now and then, like spending time with your family, taking a hike, playing sports, or anything that makes you more relatable. Bonus points if you can post something like volunteer work in the community you operate in!

It’s Not All About Success

Success stories get boring if that’s all you see. Everyone knows that social media tends to portray things in a more positive light, but get real with your followers every now and then. Deals fall through, you get bad reviews, or you just had a rough day. Post about them. Tell everyone what you could’ve done better. As an added benefit. It helps you work through some of the tougher days by talking about it!

Cater To Your Clients

If you live in a low-to-middle class area and deal primarily with those clients, are they more likely to want to see multi-million dollar estates on their feed, or fixer-uppers in a small neighborhood with potential?

Not everything is about the luxury side of real estate–and if that’s not your primary niche, your Instagram feed shouldn’t be all about luxury either! Show off some of the quirks in the houses you’re listing. It can be endearing and relatable at the same time.

What are you waiting for? Get out there, show the world the real you, and make some sales!

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