Isn’t it amazing how 22 total strangers can come together and in 10 short weeks become such comrades?  I watched you evolve into not so shy, productive students, willing to help a fellow student when they missed a quiz or didn’t understand something.  Nope, there were no “I’s” in this team.  Best part?  No one cried, yelled at me, fell asleep, or threw stuff at the computer.  I appreciate that you were all patient and focused even during those chapters where you wanted to burn the book.

You each have your contact sheets, hang on to them.  You may be out in the field suffering from one of those slump periods and ready to throw in the towel, call one of your classmates, they may be having the same kind of day and you can support each other.

Most of all don’t forget us, here at the Academy.  When you filled out the enrollment form, you neglected to read the fine print stating that we adopted you.  We will always be your 411 and 911, whether it’s a week, a month, or a decade from now.  We never turn our backs on our children, and I am ALWAYS just a text away.

OK kids, I hate this part where I have to say, “see you around”, but the students have surpassed the teacher, so go forth and prosper my young grasshoppers.

Miss ya’ already


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