February 2018 Day Class

Wow!  What a fun class!   I’m always amazed at the transformation of my students from day 1 to day 15.  I have the pleasure of watching you morph from shy, quiet, studious adults into personable, awesome students.  Ain’t a doubt in my mind that you guys will go out and kill that test.  You have the information, you KNOW the information, you just need to remember to read the question throughly

Each class is unique and has a personality that has yet to be matched.  It was my honor to have you in my class and to be given the opportunity to get to know you.  Don’t forget to keep in contact with your classmates and most of all don’t forget us here at the Academy.  We are ALWAYS your 911 and 411.  Good luck guys and please keep in touch.

Miss ya’s already, Linda


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