Dear agents of all ages, shapes and sizes don’t ever be a “Silky”. Some of you look up to me as someone who knows all and sees all. The soothsayer of sales, the poo-ba of properties and my favorite the forecaster of fee simple absolutes. This is furthest from reality. I know a lot because I’ve screwed up a lot. One of my best memorable foul-up happened many years ago. I was showing homes to potential however pain in the neck buyers and wasn’t watching when opening up the front door. At my feet was a cat. I cornered the damn feline escapee by the garage door and after the showing made sure the fur ball was secured behind locked doors. My war wounds consisted of minor scratches that earned a well deserved, WHEW! Later that day the listing agent called asking for feedback and I told her the buyers didn’t like the home because “It didn’t have acceptable harmony or Feng shui energy” which made me swallow handfuls of Tums. The next question out of her mouth was, “Who put the stray cat in the house?” Please my dear colleagues take safety and observe surroundings very seriously. Luckily the damn thing didn’t crap in the house. Don’t ever be a “Silky”.

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